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Revolutionary New Cryptocurrency Mining System

  1. Designed To Reward Our Members For Getting The Word Out About Our Master Plan For Worldwide Economic Success.
  2. It Is Of Course Free To Join With Us ... However ... Only Premium Members Will Earn A Bounty In The Mining Program.

Here's How You Get Paid:

May 1, 2018 - Menlo Park, California USA - Silicon Valley
Blockchain- Smart Contract - Proof of Work - Sankofa-Black-Gold.com
"Revolutionary New Cryptocurrency Mining System"
Annual Country License

  1. Choose The Country Of Your Choice - Providing It Has Not Already Been Purchased, You Will Receive 50% of All Enrollment Fees & All Other Sales Fees Generated From Your Country For One Whole Year.
  2. You Will Also Earn [1] Potcoin For Every Member To Enroll In Sankofa Black Gold From Your Country.
  3. This Will Remain In Effect Until Potcoin Reaches $1.00 Per Coin. From That Point Forward You Will Still Receive The Equivalent Value Of $1.00 Per Membership Enrollment ... Paid In Potcoins.
  4. This Contract Will Remain In Effect As Long As The Following Agreements are Maintained.
  5. Your Annual Country License Must Be Current At All Time In Order To Maintain Your Benefits Of Ownership. (That Includes Commissions)
  6. You Will Not Solicit Any Offers To The Membership With out The Consent Of Management First.
  7. You Will Not Use Claims Not Substantiated Within Company Guidelines Set Forth Herein.
  8. You Will Not Use Or Create Any Sales or Marketing Materials or Otherwise, Without The Prior Approval Of Management.
  9. Blockchain & Smart Contract Technology ... On The Ethereum Network.
  10. Unless Otherwise Instructed, Active Members May Purchase An Annual License For Any Of The 182 Countries We Currently Do Business With.
  11. You Will Also Have The Option Of Receiving Performance Bonuses Once Certain Goals Are Established & Achieved From Your Country.
  12. You Will Be Participating In Our 'Proof of Work' Smart Contract - Using The Revolutionary Blockchain Technology You May Have Heard So Much About Lately.

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(And The Black Gold Marketplace)
"Controlling 20% of the World Economy"
"Now You Own It All - Forever"

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(And The Black Gold Marketplace)
"Controlling 20% of the World Economy"
"Now You Own It All - Forever"

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